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Feel free to submit your own logo or design for embroidery. A set-up charge will apply. Some large embroidered designs add an additional cost.

Please note: we are NOT a wholesaler, and our primary business is the sale of lettered sportswear and pre-packaged novelties to the end user. While we offer some collegiate novelty items, we do NOT produce or manufacture products in-house for CLC-licensed Colleges or Universities nor for professional sports teams (ie: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.).

Please note that all pictures on this website, are COPYRIGHTED designs (by University Apparel, Inc. or their respective mark holders) and may NOT be copied or reproduced without written permission.

Although we do not offer any of our designs or symbols for individual sale (i.e.: separately or unattached from our products), the following designs/symbols may be added to any of our standard offerings to create your own custom-designed Spirit Wear items -- such as bags, caps, shirts, jerseys, jackets, etc. Mascot and symbol designs are available in a variety of styles and colors and most an be modified to match your school, team, or group.

For ++marked designs, add $5.00 for small emblems and $10.00 for large emblems

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: All images displayed herein are examples of embroidered symbols only. They are not for use on printed materials. They have been previously designed original or generic art and/or were requested by customers for parody purposes only. Any similarity between the images contained herein and any person's likeness or any company trademark is purely coincidental. UNIVERSITY APPAREL disclaims and denies all expressed or implied warranties against infringement of design. Customer warrants that it has the right to use the artwork, logos, design, etc. that is/are requested to be placed on UNIVERSITY APPAREL products. Customer also warrants that it shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless UNIVERSITY APPAREL it's officers, shareholders, employees, and agents against any claims for damages and costs, including but not limited to attorney's fees and costs, in any cause of action, including but not limited to an infringement action, as a result of embroidery, applied lettering, and/or printing of the requested artwork, logos, design, etc. University Apparel, Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility to determine whether a customer has secured consent from any party for the use of their image, logo or trademark. The use of this web site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Use.

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Indian Chief Embroidered Symbols
The following symbols are available as small  (2.5 - 4") or large patch designs (6 - 10"), unless otherwise indicated. 

Delran BearsIndian circle -- available with School letter inside (or indian head at an addtional charge)Northern Burlington GREYHOUNDSWILLINGBORO CHIMERASFlorence FLASHES
Burlington Township FALCONSRancocas Valley RED DEVILSTrenton Catholic Academy Iron Mikes
Local Schools

Bordentown Regional SCOTTIESBordentown Regional Scotties, Burlington City Blue Devils, Burlington Township Falcons, Cinnaminson Pirates, Delran Bears, Florence Flashes, Lenape Indians, Maple Shade Wildcats, Moorestown Quakers, Northern Burlington Greyhounds, Palmyra Panthers, Pemberton Hornets, Rancocas Valley Red Devils, Riverside Rams, Trenton Catholic Academy Iron Mikes, WesTech Panthers, Willingboro Chimeras

Pemberton Township HORNETSThe following team mascots are available: Armadillos, Atoms, Badgers, Bandits, Barons, Bears, Beavers, Bison, Bobcats, Braves, Buccaneers, Buffaloes, Broncos, Bulls, Bees, Bulldogs, Cardinals, Cheetahs, Chiefs, Cobras, Colts, Comets, Cougars, Cowboys, Crows, Cyclones, Bucks, Desperados, Dolphins, Dragons, Ducks, Dynamite, Fire, Flamingos, Flames, Flashes, Eagles, Engineers, Express, Falcons, Foxes, Frontiersmen, Gamecocks, Gators, Ghosts, Gobblers, Gorillas, Greyhounds, Hawks, Hornets, Howlers, Hurricanes, Huskies, Indians, Jaguars, Jazz, Kings, Knights, Leopards, Leprechauns, Lightening, Lions, Locomotion, Longhorns, Lumberjacks, Mermaids, Minutemen, Mountain Lions, Mustangs, Outlaws, Owls, Panthers, Patriots, Phantoms, Pharaohs, Phoenix, Penguins, Phoenix, Pirates, Pumas, Quakers, Raiders, Rams, Rattlers, Razorbacks, Rhinos, Rockets, Roosters, Salamanders, Scorpions, Scotties, Sharks, Smoke, Spartans,  Stallions, Stars, Steam, Steam Rollers, Stingers, Stingray, Storm, Swans, Thunder, Tidal Wave, Timber wolves, Tigers, Tornados, Turtles (Terrapins, Terps), Unicorns, Vikings, Warriors, Wave, Windjammers, Wildcats, Wizards, Wolfpack, Wolves, Yellow Jackets, Zebras

marching band hat
SPORTS Designs

Many designs available with custom team/school names or numbers at an additional cost.

marching band hat #2

Band: Band member #1, Band Member #2 (front view), Marching Band hat (front, profile), Drum Major hat & baton, marching band logo, Crossed drum major batons

Baseball: baseball (2 versions), angry ball greyhound w/ ball
++, crossed bats w/ ball, pitcher, bat/mitt/ball combo, baseball diamond,
basketball on hoopbasketball in hoop. add position above hoop for an additional charge.
Basketball: basketball, basketball on hoop, basketball in hoop, greyhound w/ ball
Greyhound bowling
Bowling: pins w/ ball, man bowling, greyhound balling (head can be changed), lane w/ pins and ball

Boxing: boxer, gloves, punching bags (round, long)
Vertical Megaphone w/ poms. Customizable with team or school nameCheerleader #1120
Cheerleading: cheerleader with pom (head), jumping cheerleader w/ poms, cheerleader #1120 (with poms), megaphone (horizontal), megaphone w/ poms++, crossed megaphones w/ banner
Color Guard combo #1
Color Guard Combo #2Color Guard Combo #3

Color Guard: crossed flags, batons, Flag Girl, color guard combo #1, color guard combo #2 (flags, rifle, sword), color guard combo #3 (with words)

Crew/Sailing: anchor/wheel combo, crossed oars, CREW oval, CREW boat, CREW w/ rowers, anchor, captain's wheel,
Burlington Township football
Football: football (profile or 3D), football player++, helmet, football/helmet combo, trophy

Golf: crossed clubs, golf bag, golf bag w/ clubs, golf green, Men's Golf logo, Ladies' Golf logo

Hockey: hockey stick w/ puck, crossed sticks w/ puck, goalie mask, hockey player

Lacrosse: lacrosse player (standing, playing), stick, stick w/ ball, crossed sticks, split crossed sticks, helmet, helmet w/ crossed sticks, greyhound w/ crossed sticks, greyhound w/ stick
Soccer ball on whiteReversed Soccer ball (on black)
Soccer: soccer ball (on white or black)

Softball: softball, softball w/ face, Team Name ball, softball w/ fishtail
++, softball plate, softball girl #1, softball girl w/ ball, lady greyhound w/ ball++, softball girl #2

Swimming: Man Swimmer, Lady Swimmer

Tennis: tennis ball, tennis racket, tennis rackets (crossed) w/ ball

Track: winged foot, winged foot in circle, CC w/ arrow (cross country)

Volleyball: volleyball, volleyball w/ net

Wrestling: wrestlers (male)

bicycle, chess knight, chess pawn, fencing mask/foil, field hockey, gymnast (female), race cars, racing flags, racquetball, weightlifter (male),

many emblems may be combined with other mascots or lettering to create custom emblems or designs.

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Clubs & Organizations

Chess Club (board or kings), FBLA, FFA, NHS, pep club, Steppers (male or female), stepping boots, theater club, yearbook staff

many emblems may be combined with other mascots or lettering to create custom emblems or designs.

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Jaguar head

Animal MASCOT Designs: Heads or Parts

ape head (3/4-view, or front-facing), badger head, bear head, bear claw, bison head, buffalo head, bronco head, bull head (front facing or 3/4 view), bulldog head, cougar head (outline), crow head, deer (buck) head, eagle claws, eagle head, gator head, giraffe head, gorilla head, greyhound (angry bust), greyhound head, greyhound (running), hawk head, flaming horse, husky head, jaguar head, lion head (profile, 3/4-view), longhorn, lynx, "big cat" claws*, panther head (profile outline or full color), panther head (cartoon), paw print (cat paw, poodle paw, "big cat" paw*, wolf paw), ram head, razorback head, rhino head, tiger (angry w/ claws), tiger head, timber wolf, unicorn head, wildcat, wildcat paw, wolf head (angry, 3/4 profile), zebra
*Big Cats include Tigers, Panthers, Cougars, etc.

many emblems may be combined with other mascots or lettering to create custom emblems or designs.

+available as small emblem only.

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Animal MASCOT Designs: Full-Bodies

alligator (standing), ape full body (standing, walking), armadillo, asp (cobra), strutting badger, beaver, buffalo, bull, bumble bee, bulldog (solid or outline), bunny (sitting, standing, or w/flower), butterfly (front or profile), butterfly w/ rose, camel, cardinal, fighting cardinal, cat (w/ string, sitting, standing, Persian, cartoon, Egyptian w/ collar & jewels, Egyptian w/ asp), Cat lady (cartoon, Egyptian), centaur, chameleon, cheetah, cobra, colt inside horseshoe, cougar, crab, crow (sitting, flying - both small only) dolphin, dove, dragon, baby duck, flying duck, flying eagle, elephant, elephant herd, baby elephant, falcon, flamingo, frog, fox, frog, gator (standing, gator w/ G), goat, goose, hawk, hen, hornet, hummingbird, jaguar, kangaroo, lamb, leopard, lion (prowling, standing), lion (cartoon front-view, cartoon profile, winged lion), mouse, mustang, owl, panda bear (sitting [small only], happy), panther, Pegasus (winged horse), penguin, phoenix (front facing or profile), poodle, prairie dog, puma, puppy (small only), Strutting Ram, rattler, rooster (gamecock), salamander, scorpion, seahorse, shark, Sphinx, spider, squirrel, stallion, stingray, swan, teddy bear (w/ bow, w/ heart, winged bear w/ heart), tiger (pouncing or crouching), raging turkey, turtle (profile, top view, front-facing, fighting), unicorn, strutting wolf, wolf (howling, walking), yellow jacket

rattler 9221Full body Panther #120604Buffalo/Bison

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Indian BraveButterfly Lady #2Winged Angel
Pharaoh w/ crossed arms (solid)Warrior w/ shieldPharaoh #11010
Other MASCOT Designs 

angel (flying lady w/ wings), bandit, Buccaneer, butterfly lady, caveman, cheerleader, Conquistador, cowboy, devil w/ pitchfork, devil head, Dynamite face, Egyptian Man, executioner, flaming head, Frontiersman, General, Ghost, Grim Reaper, Indian brave, Indian head w/ braids & headdress, Indian Chief (detailed), Indian Chief (silhouette), Indian circle (with Letter), Irishman head, king, knight, knight's head (profile or front-view), knight on horse, Hat Lady #1 (3/4-profile w/ flower in hat), Hat Lady #2 (front-view with hat), Hat Lady #3, Hat Lady #4, jester, Lady w/ outstretched hand, lumberjack*, mermaid, minuteman, Nefertiti, outlaw, patriot, Peanut man, Phantom (mask, face in mask), Pharaoh (multiple versions, heads or busts++), pilgrim hat, pirate (with sword, bearded), Quaker head (male), sheriff, skull & bones (front facing or profile), Spartan (outline), Spartan w/face (outline or detail), Sphinx (profile, front-view),  Thor, Viking, warrior, Warrior w/ shield, Wizard 

bearded piratemany emblems may be combined with other mascots or lettering to create custom emblems or designs.

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atom, apothecary jar (mortar & pestle), book, open book, brain, camera (tripod), caduceus, chef's hat, chess knight, chess pawn, Claddagh, compass & T-square, director's chair, combo drama mask, 2 drama masks, gavel, globe, heart, key, crossed keys, lamp of knowledge, lyre, mask (ladies' or men's), moon (crescent, man in moon), National Honor Society (small only), nurse's cap, quill, crossed quills, rainbow, ring, Scales of Justice, scroll, shooting star, star, Star of Life, storm cloud, sunshine w/ cloud

many emblems may be combined with other mascots or lettering to create custom emblems or designs.

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numbers can be added inside notesturtle playing saxMusic man
instrument collage

MUSIC & Dance Designs

8th note, happy 8th note, two 16th notes, band leader (young female), bass clef, cadet head (male), drum, harp, instrument collage, lyre, marching band hat, music notes, music song, music lady, music man, pan pipes, piano keys, saxophone, treble clef, trumpet player (male), turtle playing sax, happy violin

ballet dancer (female), ballet slippers

many emblems may be combined with other mascots or lettering to create custom emblems or designs.

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Religious Designs

angel, angel w/ halo, chalice (with or without cross), Christian cross, cross w/ flame, crown (5-point or jeweled top), crown w/ cross, Eye of RA, Icthus (fish), Jesus, praying hands, rose (long-stem), rosebud, rope circle, Star of David

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Floral Designs*Calla Lilies

Calla lilies, carnation, daffodils, iris, ivy, ivy corner spray, ivy pot, Maple leaf (outline or solid), oak tree, orchid, palm tree, palm trees (2 w/ sun), rose (open flower, stencil bud+, connecting roses, crossed roses, long-stem rose & bud+), sunflower+, violets (single or bunch), violet pot, water lily, wreath
*small only, except where noted by +


ankh, Africa, "Out of Africa", American flag, arrow, arrowhead, apple, balloons, bow & arrow, candle, cartouche, circle, chalice (with or without cross), comb & scissors, cornucopia, corvette, cross, cross w/ flame, crown (5-point or jeweled top), crown w/ cross, cyclone, daisy (small only), diamond (4-point or gemstone), $ (dollar sign), dynamite, Eye of RA, fez w/ tassel, gavel, globe, hands (praying or shaking), house, kite, lighthouse, lightning bolt, maple leaf, martini glass, Noah's Ark, oval, paddle, paper doll, paratrooper, "pearl", pipe wrench, crossed pistols (small only), pitchfork, praying hands, pyramid (Egyptian or Mayan), ? (question mark), race cars, racing flags, rainbow, ribbon, winner's ribbon, rocket ship, rose (long-stem), rosebud, rope circle, school bus, scimitar (sword), ship, star (plain, shooting, cool w/ shades), Star of David, States (all 50 available) strawberries (single or bunch of 3), storm cloud, sunshine w/ cloud, sword, crossed swords, teddy bear, torch, torch w/ wreath, tornado, tow truck, tractor trailer, train, trowel, United States, violet, water lily, western boots/rope, western boots/cap/gun

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Military Logos

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary

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Semi-Custom Designs

Name drops

Group 1
Available large, as single or multi-color patch designs. May include additional lettering or symbol.

Memorial (Middle School) Timberwolves

Group 2
The following designs are available as small  (2.5 - 4") or large patch designs (6 - 10"). Initial set-up charge of $10.00. Available for towns, schools, teams, groups, etc.

Varsity Signature

large Varsity letter, split with Town, School, or Team name


 mini symbols with waved word(s)

Group 3
The following designs are available as small  (3.5 - 4") or large patch designs (8 - 10").

Circle Design

Circle with town and state name plus town initial OR with school and team name plus school initial.
Also available as a school/team circle with team name and initials or symbol inside (large only).

Split Circle Design

Circle with school and mascot name plus school initial(s).
Also available as with sports symbol, band insignia, or mascot inside (large only).

Willingboro Chimeras
Open Top Circle Design

Circle with school and mascot name plus school initial(s).
Also available as with sports symbol, band insignia, or mascot inside, as available (large only).

Top Circle Banner Design

Circle with school and mascot name plus school initial(s).
Also available as with sports symbol, band insignia, or mascot inside, as available (large only).

3-Split Circle Design

Circle with school and mascot name plus school initial(s).
Also available as with sports symbol, band insignia, or mascot inside, as available (large only).

Northern Burlington Marching band uniform
Twin Hills Safety Tiger
Custom Designs
Have a custom large and/or small embroidered symbol for your team, school, or group created by University Apparel. One-time charge varies based on design, please submit your design for feasibility and pricing. Set-up charges range: $75.00 and up.

Contact us for available sizes, prices and minimums. 

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