Fraternity Designs & SYMBOLS

We have one of the LARGEST selections of Greek and non-organizational symbols and icons available. On this page you will find Fraternity-related and inspired symbols and icons. These designs are available as small or large designs (unless otherwise noted) . Many may be reversed in color or used on other backgrounds. Open designs may have additional Greek letters, numbers, chapters, etc. included at an additional cost.

Please note that these symbols (and pictures of these symbols), along with all of our other designs and pictures on this website, are COPYRIGHTED designs and may NOT be copied, scanned, nor reproduced without the written permission of University Apparel, Inc.

The following designs/symbols may be added to any of our standard offerings to create your own custom-designed Greek paraphernalia -- such as bags, caps, shirts, jerseys, jackets, etc.  (Not all designs available for caps.)  Large symbols generally add $35.00 to the cost of garments when not included, while small symbols generally add $15.00 to the cost of the item when not included in the design or price.

For ++marked designs, add $5.00 for small emblems and $15.00 for large emblems

Many symbols are available with chapter, date, or number inside at an additional cost. You can choose different colors than the ones shown below and many design styles can be modified to suit another Fraternity.

Please inquire about symbols for organizations not shown.

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Non-Greek Designs

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: All images displayed herein are examples of embroidered symbols only. They are not for use on printed materials. They have been previously designed original or generic art and/or were requested by customers for parody purposes only. Any similarity between the images contained herein and any person's likeness or any company trademark is purely coincidental. UNIVERSITY APPAREL disclaims and denies all expressed or implied warranties against infringement of design. Customer warrants that it has the right to use the artwork, logos, design, etc. that is/are requested to be placed on UNIVERSITY APPAREL products. Customer also warrants that it shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless UNIVERSITY APPAREL it's officers, shareholders, employees, and agents against any claims for damages and costs, including but not limited to attorney's fees and costs, in any cause of action, including but not limited to an infringement action, as a result of embroidery, applied lettering, and/or printing of the requested artwork, logos, design, etc. University Apparel, Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility to determine whether a customer has secured consent from any party for the use of their image, logo or trademark. The use of this web site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Use.

Beta Phi Pi line of pledgees patch
Pledged Man
Pledged Man w/ Invictus
Special Men emblems

Designs are representative of the completed embroidered emblem. All designs will not exactly match. Colors of many emblems may be changed to coordinate with garment. We offer a variety of men -- busts or full bodies -- that can be made to represent any organization. Many can used in conjunction with various mini emblems, Greek letters and/or numbers, depending on size.

Man in hooded sweatshirt, Grim Reaper, Wraith (coming up from book), Executioner, pledgee* (profile or front view), Hooded man #2, Light Bearer, Light Bearer #2, Male mask, Throne Man++, Split face man, Pledged Man, Invictus++ (large only), Old School, Male Bust Statue ++
*Note: Pledgees priced up to 5 in a line. For more than 5 add $5.00 per pledgee

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Omega dog tags symbol patchPaddle with letters and/or symbol, horizontal or vertical. Available for all.
Organizational Specific emblems
Designs are representative of the completed embroidered emblem. All designs will not exactly match. Colors of many emblems may be changed to coordinate with garment. Hand-signs, pins, letter and combo designs are also listed in separate sections below.

Fraternity/Men's Symbols & Designs:

Alpha combo, originally designed by University ApparelAlpha ShineSphinx 84, a University Apparel EXCLUSIVE since 1989
front facing Sphinx (open top for additional lettering)Motto Circle
Egyptian Man, shown with number at an additional cost
pyramid w/ ankhcustom pyramid w/ ankh, available with chapter name instead of organization name
7 stacked bricks -- available plain, with Greek letters and founding YEAR, or with initials








ice-toped "1906"
ice-topped "ICE COLD"

AFA: Alpha Combo,  Alpha Shine, front facing Sphinx (also available with open top for additional lettering), Founders++, FOASOA circle, Egyptian Man, pyramid w/ ankh+, 7 bricks w/ Founders initials (also available with Greek letters and Founding YEAR), hand-sign (detailed or open*), ice-toped "1906", ice-topped "ICE COLD"

Phrozen PharoahPharaoh #11010Pharaoh w/ asp handsPharaoh w/ aspPharaoh w/ crossed arms (solid)
pharaoh head (profile)pharaoh w/ hand-sign and pyramid"Out of Africa"
Angry SphinxA-PHI w/ hand-sign and torch + '06

Phrozen Pharaoh*, Pharaoh #11010,
Pharaoh #101211++, Pharaoh w/ asp hands++, Pharaoh w/ asp++, Pharaoh w/ crossed arms (available outline or solid++), pharaoh head (several versions: profile, silhouette w/ asp*, outlined, or detailed), pharaoh w/ hand-sign and pyramid*, "Out of Africa"*, Angry Sphinx (detailed or outline, available with or without wings), Alpha Throne++, Man holding pearl pin++, A-PHI w/ hand-sign and torch (with++ or w/o '06), hand-sign w/ shield, Pharaoh w/ hand sign*

Egyptian WarriorSphinx w/ 3 pyramids
Shadow SphinxAntique Pharaoh
Egyptian Warrior (on black or gold) Cobra w/ letters, Life Member*, Sphinx w/ 3 pyramids, Shadow Sphinx, profile Pharaoh w/ crook, Antique Pharaoh, Torch with pin, Torch with letters

Full Sphinx (2 versions), crossed torches, pyramid, pearl pin, Man w/ shield halo, ankh, scarab, cartouche*, centennial design,
*available plain, or with Greek letters or number or chapter or date inside, + available with chapter name instead of org name 

Sphinxman Evolution"Pharoape" (colored)Pharaoh w/ split ape faceApe-faced Pharaohape printsA-PHI w/ hand-sign and banana A-PHI w/ hand-sign and banana + '06
angry ape face (front view)Standing ApeFront View ape bust, available plain, or w/ Greek letters, chapter, date, or number insidePharaoh w/ mini ape





Ape Designs: Sphinxman evolution*, "Pharoape" (half Pharaoh-half ape) w/letters++, Pharaoh w/ split ape face, Ape-faced Pharaoh, A-PHI w/ hand-sign and banana (with++ or w/o '06), ape face (profile or front view*), standing ape full, walking ape, front view ape bust*, Pharaoh w/ mini ape, ape footprints, Apharaohphiape (large only), banana
*available plain, or with Greek letters or number or chapter or date inside 

Yo-Diamond KScroller Evolution, originally designed by University ApparelKappa ShineDiggs flag, originally designed by University ApparelDiggs Diamond, originally designed by University ApparelYo Man w/ diamond halo, originally designed by University Apparel
Yo-Diamond K, Yo-Man #2 w/ cane, Scroller Evolution*, Kappa Shine,  Elder W. Diggs (full color w/ signature)++, Diggs flag+, Diggs Diamond, Yo Man w/ diamond halo, 

J.A.P.A.N. flagKrossed Kanes 2 w/ pearls
scroll w/ cane, originally designed by University Apparelscroll w/ diamond & hand-sign, originally designed by University ApparelPhi Nu Pi combo 2 w/ diamond
10 pledgees w/ scroll
Phi Nu Pi Cane, originally designed by University ApparelKappa Combo, originally designed by University ApparelDiamond K w/ pearls (brand design), originally designed by University ApparelDiamond Bunny™, originally designed by University Apparel

2 candy canes crossed, J.A.P.A.N. flag, Krossed Kanes II w/ diamond & pearls*, scroll w/ cane* (also available with Diamond K), scroll w/ diamond & hand-sign, FNP Combo 2 (in diamond), teleiwois diamond, katorqwma diamond, Achievement circle, 10 pledgees, FNP Cane (small only), Kappa Combo, Indiana state outline*, Diamond K 2 w/ pearls (floating K or brand design), Diamond Bunny™*, Diamond K w/ Indiana,

Yo hand - slantedYo hand w/ bowtiePhi Nu Pi combo, originally designed by University Apparel, Inc.
DiamondKAscrollIU (large only)
, Kappa Throne++
, Man holding Diamond K++, Man in Diamond w/ pearls, Frank Summers (with or without shield background)++, IU shield++, Yo hand shield++, Yo hand sign* (vertical or slanted), Yo hand w/ bowtie (small only), FNP Combo,

Diamond K (floating K or brand design)candy cane, Krossed Kanes w/diamond* open scroll*, open 4-point diamond*
*available plain, or with Greek letters
(KAN, KAY, or FNP) or number or chapter or date inside.
+available with
Note: All designs available in either crimson or red. 

IU-1911, originally designed by University Apparel
IU-1911, pearl pin, plain pin, fnp Scroll
 Note: All designs available in either crimson or red. 

Scroller Club:
logo (green or red)


Bolt Evolution #1, originally designed by University ApparelColeman Love - Delta/OmegaFIETTS lamp w/red flame; blue flame available upon requestLampado LampOmega Shine
boot, originally designed by University Apparel, can be reversedPsi Man 1 w/ shield halo, originally designed by University Apparel
Omega Combo w/ open shieldPsi-Man genie w/ lamp

Lampado Evolution (with bolt)*+, D-W Love, FIETTS lamp w/ flame+, Lampado lamp, Omega Shine
, single combat boot*, 2 combat boots*, boot prints (small only)*, Psi Man w/ shield halo, 2 brothers doing hand-sign, open pearl pin*, W w/ bolt (outline or solid), Omega Combo w/ open shield*, Psi-Man genie w/ lamp*, MSPU Principles Circle (small only)++ , Omega Throne++, helmet w/ crossed swords, man holding W ++ , Psi Man/Escutcheon w/ open shield*

Omega Combo+, standard pearl pin+, inner pin, thunder cloud w/ blood drops*, open lamp w/ flame*+, Psi-Man* (outline torso hand-sign), Psi Man/Escutcheon+, Psi-Man 2 (muscular torso hand-sign), Psi Man 2 (muscular torso) w/ shield halo, Omega See it Through++, Life Member pin, RQQ w/ collar, Psi-Man Hop silhouette (large only)

vertical letters w/ hand-sign*, W w/ pearls,  graffiti letters w/ Psi Man
*available with letters, chapter, number, or date inside, +specify blue or red flame

designs with "original" Greek letters can be altered accordingly, specify standard or "original"

Omega Founders patch, originally designed by University ApparelFIETTS Circle (small)JUST/Manhood, LOVE/Scholarship, COOPER/Perseverance, COLEMAN/Uplift
Founders patch++, FIETTS circle w/ Founders (large design has 2 circles), Founders w/ principles (separate designs)

Omega EssentialsDog Evolution, originally designed by University ApparelBulldog head #1
Bulldog head #2Bulldog head #3Dog-Man w/ boltQue-Dog face combo
Dogs Designs: Omega Essentials, Bulldog Evolution*+, bulldog w/ shirt, bulldog head* (various), Dog-Man w/ bolt (standing), Que/dog face combo, letter w/ bulldog head (with pearls),  bulldog full body* (various),

bulldog w/  W brands (3 or 4 brands, please specify), bulldog w/ letters (purple, small only), dog house*,  Psi-Man bulldog combo,
*available with chapter, Greek letter, number, or date inside, +specify blue or red flame

QdogPsimanPhiboots* (large only),
Nu Nu Chapter: Cook Team logo

Sigma Surfer
crossed fasces, originally designed by University Apparel
Man w/ smoking cane+, Crescent Evolution* (with or without dove), Blue Devil (full body)*, GOMAB fasces*, Eyes/hands, Life Member Pin, Combo, BSS Motto circle, moon-axe-dove combo, crossed fasces*, crescent "moon man" w/ 3 stars,"Surfer" w/ flame,

Throne++, Man holding, Man w/ cane, pearl pin, hand-sign shield, open hand-sign*, fasces (axe),  crescent moon, moon w/ dove, star, dove (front facing, various profiles*)
*available with number

Grill Team logo

Iota Evolution, originally designed by University Apparel, Inc.Iota combo, originally designed by University Apparel
Centaur w/ shield halo, originally designed by University Apparel
: Iota Evolution, Iota Combo, pledgees, inner shield, Centaurs (various), outlaws (various), outline shield w/ stars, inner shield w/ stones, original shield, 3n1 w/ stars, Penta-Star, Crooked "I", bow & arrow, centaur circle, I-O-T-A symbols, etc.

To view more Iota Symbols and/or to order Iota paraphernalia, visit http://www.iotawear.com

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Sinfonia EvolutionMusic man

: pearl pin, Sinfonia evolution*, traditional harp, Sinfonia Harp, music face, chrysanthemum, panpipes, crossed horns, various musical symbols (see below)
*available with additional numbers or lettering inside triangle

pledge pin, open badge*, badge, lyre, principle circle (small only), treble/bass combo*, band member #1
, band member #2* (front view), band member #3* (crossed arms), drum major combo, band hat, armadillo w/ star
various musical symbols (see below), music man, music face
*available plain or with letters, chapter, date, or number

MFE: lyre, pearl pin, triangle w/ lyre, various musical designs

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Phoenician Galley #2Phoenician Galley #3
Phoenician Galley (3 versions*), 10-pointed star*,  pearl pin, logo, Core Values circle, yellow rose (various: open flower, long-stem, etc.)
*available plain or with letters, chapter, date, or number

Service pin w/ pearls (with or without sunburst), hand-sign, golden eagle evolution, Rising Sun pin w/ pearls (with or without sunburst), open pin w/ pearls*, golden eagle
*available with number
inside (note: pearls and inner circle can be removed for a larger number, chapter or date)

GBF: fraternity badge

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ANW: crown, eagle

GFW: pearl pin, open pin*, rampion*, Gamma Ram* , various ram's heads, knight's head, Gamma Evolution, Principles circle, mega yevea (small only), Gamma flag (small only), 3n1
*available with number
, chapter, and/or date inside

Beta Phi Pi knight w/ bannerBeta Phi Pi motto circle
Beta Evolution, originally designed by University Apparel


BFP: half bull-half Beta, Knight w/ banner, Motto Circle, Beta Evolution*, thinking Bull*, Bull Man*, Beta Combo, knight head, bull (various heads and full bodies), BullbPhistarsPiknight (large only), Beta Shine
*available with Greek letters or number inside or BULL/BROVA


Rho ManAngry Ram
Sigma Phi Rho: Rho badgeSigma Phi Rho: Rho ankhSigma Phi Rho hand-sign
Sigma Phi Rho: Rho ankh inside shieldSigma Phi Rho inner shield, available with Greek letters, date, or number, etc. inside
Ram92507Ram's head #2Ram's head #13Ram #10
SFR: Rho Throne*++, Rho Man*++, Angry Ram, Rho Rider *, Motto circle, Rho badge, Rho ankh*, hand-sign, Rho ankh inside shield, inner shield+, Rho Shine, ram's head (various), ram (full body outline)+
*available small only, +available with Greek letters, date, or number, etc. inside

Original Conquistador #1Conquistador #2, profileConquistador #4, 3/4 profileConquistador #5Conquistador #6, 3/4 profile
Crossed arms; available with date, number or LambdaLambda Theta Phi: 75 w/ Conquistadore#3
Lambda Theta Phi motto circleLambda Theta Phi shield outline #2, available with letters, date, number, etc.Lambda Theta Phi inner shield designConqustador helmet/sword combo #1Conqustador helmet/sword combo #2
Lambda evolution, originally designed by University ApparelConquistador evolution, originally designed by University Apparel

Lambda Theta Phi:  Conquistador+ (various: profile or 3/4-view), crossed arms+, 75 with Conquistador+ (with or without Greek letters), Line of Pledgees within chain, Motto Circle, shield outline #2*+, inner shield, helmet/sword combo (2 versions), Lambda Evolution+, Conquistador evolution+, hand-sign+, Lambda ship, Lambda scene++ (large only)
+available plain, with Greek letters, date, and/or line number. most designs can be reversed if desired.

Lambda Sigma Upsilon: TainoLambda Sigma Upsilon Machete designLambda Sigma Upsilon hand-sign

Taino Indian, Machete, knight's head, hand-sign*, Pledgee Man*
, Upsilon w/ feathers, Upsilon hand-sign*, tribal Upsilon w/ hand++ , motto circle, Knight/Taino evolution++
*available with Greek letters, chapter, date or number inside

Beta Kappa Psi hand signBeta Kappa Psi motto circlepanther clawswalking panther
panther (full body)
Beta Kappa Psi: 
hand-sign*, , motto circle, panther claws, panthers (various), paw print*
*available with Greek letters, chapter, date or number inside

Gamma Zeta Alpha
GZA circle, Gamma hand*, Mayan pyramid, iguana, obsidian stone*, crest
*available with Greek letters, chapter, date or number inside

Sigma Beta Rho: 
motto circle, cobra


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Special Designs:
Most available small or large. These designs are available for all organizations, national or local, unless otherwise noted.

Date/Letter Combo
Available large only. Options include small symbol, Greek letters (or Organization Letters or Founding Year) & Organization Name/Short phrase. This design is available for all organizations, national or local.

Greek Split-letter Designs
Available small only. Colors may be reversed. This design is currently available for most NPHC organizations.

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Alpha Evolution circleFor Borders and Drop-Ins, enter here =>Enter here for Borders and Drop-in Symbols

Yo-Sign (Kappa), slanted
Organization "hand-signs"
Contact us for availability.

More organizations available, please contact us to see if your group is available.

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bull 3/4 view
Non-specific symbols & designs
Over 500 designs available, contact us for a specific design if not listed. Many can have additional lettering added inside.

Ram's head #5Ram's head #6 (small only)Ram's head #7
Animal MASCOT Designs: Heads or Parts

ape head (profile, 3/4-view, or front-facing), ape footprint (single, double, or mini set of 7), badger head, bear head, bear claw, bison head, buffalo head, bronco head, bull head (front facing or 3/4 view), bulldog head, cougar head (outline), deer (buck) head, eagle head, gator head, giraffe head, gorilla head, hawk head, flaming horse, husky head, lion head (profile, 3/4-view), longhorn, lynx, panther head (profile outline or full color), panther head (cartoon), paw print (cat paw, poodle paw, "big cat" paw*, wolf paw), ram head, razorback head, rhino head, tiger (angry w/ claws), tiger head, timber wolf, wildcat, wolf head (angry, 3/4 profile), zebra
*Big Cats include Tigers, Panthers, Cougars, etc.

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Animal MASCOT Designs: Full-Bodies

alligator (standing), ape full body (standing, walking), armadillo, asp (cobra), strutting badger, beaver, bull, bumble bee, bulldog (solid or outline), bunny (sitting, standing, or w/flower), butterfly (front or profile), butterfly w/ rose, cardinal, fighting cardinal, cat (w/ string, sitting, standing, Persian, cartoon, Egyptian w/ collar & jewels, Egyptian w/ asp), Cat lady (cartoon, Egyptian), Centaur, chameleon, cheetah, cobra, colt inside horseshoe, cougar, crab, crow (sitting, flying - both small only) dolphin, dove, dragon, baby duck, flying duck, flying eagle, elephant, elephant herd, baby elephant, falcon, flamingo, frog, fox, frog, gator (standing, gator w/ G, goat, goose, hen, hummingbird, jaguar, kangaroo, lamb, leopard, lion (prowling, standing), lion (cartoon front-view, cartoon profile, winged lion), mouse, mustang, owl, panda bear (sitting [small only], happy), panther, Pegasus (winged horse), penguin, phoenix (front facing or profile), poodle, prairie dog, puma, puppy (small only), Strutting Ram, rattler, rooster (gamecock), salamander, scorpion, seahorse, shark, Sphinx, spider, squirrel, stallion, stingray, swan, teddy bear (w/ bow, w/ heart, winged bear w/ heart), tiger (various), raging turkey, turtle (profile, top view, front-facing, fighting), unicorn, strutting wolf, wolf (howling, walking), yellow jacket

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Warrior w/ shieldPharaoh w/ crossed arms (solid)
Other MASCOT Designs

angel, bandit, Buccaneer, caveman, cheerleader, Conquistador, cowboy, devil w/ pitchfork, devil head, executioner, flaming head, frontiersman, general, ghost, Grim Reaper, Indian brave, Indian head w/ braids & headdress, dancing Indian, Indian Brave, Indian Chief (detailed), Indian Chief (silhouette), fighting Irishman, king, knight, knight's head (profile or front-view), knight on horse, Hat Lady #1 (3/4-profile w/ flower in hat), Hat Lady #2 (front-view with hat), Hat Lady #3, Hat Lady #4, Hat Lady #5 ('Tude Lady), jester, Lady w/ outstretched hand, lumberjack, mermaid, minuteman, outlaw, patriot, peanut man, phantom (mask, face in mask), Pharaoh (multiple versions, heads or busts++), pilgrim hat, pirate (with sword, bearded), pledgees (up to 5) in a line, Quaker head (male), sheriff, skull & bones (front facing or profile), Spartan, Spartan w/face (outline or detail), Trojan, Thor, Viking, warrior w/ shield, wizard 

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sphinx head 84Tut Mask Angry Sphinx. Also available w/o wings.Egyptian WarriorEgyptian GuardianAnubis/Osiris/Horus comboSphinx desertAnubis bust

ankh, Anubis bust++, Anubis/Osiris/Horus combo++, asp, Africa, Egyptian cat w/ asp, Egyptian Guardian++, Egyptian Man, Egyptian Warrior, Egyptian Woman, Isis head, Nefertiti, Pharaoh head (several versions: profile, silhouette w/ asp, outline, or detailed), Egyptian pyramid, Eye of RA, 3 Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx (profile, front-view), Sphinx head, angry Sphinx (profile or front view), Sphinx desert, Tut Mask

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numbers can be added inside notes
turtle playing sax
instrument collage
MUSIC Designs

8th note, happy 8th note, two 16th notes, band leader (young female), bass clef, cadet head (male), drum, harp, instrument collage, lyre, marching band hat, music notes, music song, music lady, music man, pan pipes, piano keys, saxophone, treble clef, trumpet player (male), turtle playing sax, happy violin

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atom, apothecary jar (mortar & pestle), book, open book, brain, camera (tripod), caduceus, chef's hat, chess knight, chess pawn, Claddagh, compass & T-square, director's chair, combo drama mask, 2 drama masks, gavel, globe, heart, key, crossed keys, lamp of knowledge, lyre, mask (ladies' or men's), moon (crescent, man in moon), National Honor Society (small only), nurse's cap, quill, crossed quills, rainbow, ring, Scales of Justice, scroll, shooting star, star, Star of Life, storm cloud, sunshine w/ cloud

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anchor, Captain (sailor) w/ wheel, captain's wheel, captain's wheel/anchor combo,  life preserver, pennant, sailboat, ship

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Floral Designs*

Calla lilies, carnation, chrysanthemum, daffodils, iris, ivy, ivy corner spray, ivy pot, Maple leaf (outline or solid), oak tree, orchid, palm tree, palm trees (2 w/ sun), rose (open flower, stencil bud+, connecting roses, crossed roses, long-stem rose & bud+), sunflower+, violets (single or bunch), violet pot, water lily, wreath
*small only, except where noted by +

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Religious Designs

angel, angel w/ halo, Archangel w/ sword, chalice (with or without cross), Christian cross, cross w/ flame, crown (5-point or jeweled top), crown w/ cross, Eye of RA, Icthus, Jesus, praying hands, rose (long-stem), rosebud, rope circle, Star of David

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7 stacked bricks -- available plain, with Greek letters and founding YEAR, or with initials

American flag, arrow, arrowhead, apple, balloons, bow & arrow, brick, 7 stacked bricks, candle, cartouche, circle, chalice (with or without cross), comb & scissors, cornucopia, corvette, cross, cross w/ flame, crown (5-point or jeweled top), crown w/ cross, cyclone, diamond (4-point or gemstone), dog tags, $ (dollar sign), Eye of RA, fez w/ tassel, gavel, globe, Greek temple, hands (praying or shaking), house, kite, lighthouse, lightning bolt, maple leaf, martini glass, Noah's Ark, oval, paddle, paper doll, paratrooper, "pearl", pipe wrench, crossed pistols (small only), pitchfork, praying hands, Mayan pyramid, ? (question mark), race cars, racing flags, rainbow, ribbon, winner's ribbon, rocket ship, rose (long-stem), rosebud, rope circle, school bus, scimitar (sword), star (plain, shooting, cool w/ shades), Star of David, States (all 50 available) strawberries, storm cloud, sunshine w/ cloud, sword, crossed swords, teddy bear, torch, torch w/ wreath, tornado, tow truck, tractor trailer, train, trowel, United States, western boots/rope, western boots/cap/gun

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Custom symbols & designs

Have a custom large and/or small embroidered symbol for your organization created by University Apparel. One-time charge varies based on design, please submit your design for feasibility and pricing.
Set-up charges range: $75.00 and up.

Shell Lady

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